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Overbit is the first Bitcoin trading platform in the world to offer its clients the ability to trade Forex with Bitcoin as collateral. Overbit’s proprietary innovative platform is superior to its competitors, with low latency connectivity, superior liquidity, and military-grade security. Traders can access a range of markets within Cryptocurrency, Forex and Commodities. The company was founded in 2017 and the platform was launched in 2019.

Country of incorporation: Seychelles
Established: 2017
Launched: 2019
Legal name: Abberton Trading Limited
Address: 306 Victoria House, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles

Our mission

To allow traders to maximise opportunities that may not be available with the current trends in cryptocurrency by trading and speculating across multiple worldwide markets using Overbit as their crypto partner. To be the world market leader in crypto margin trading with easy to use functions allowing for a professional trading platform to operate seamlessly and provide a unique and flawless user experience.

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Overbit sketches

Throughout the year 2020, we commissioned a series of comical sketches about trading to keep our traders entertained.

Founder & CEO

An international evangelist in the blockchain and crypto sphere, Chieh Liu stumbled across Bitcoin and crypto while studying computer science at California State Polytechnic University in the USA. Chieh is a frontier with an entrepreneurial spirit who worked as an advisor for several financial investment institutions helping to introduce blockchain education into Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Chinese market. In 2017 Chieh started working on Overbit.com - after spotting a gap in the market for an accessible and easy-to-use Bitcoin trading platform. Chieh Liu motivates and educates businesses on how to leverage blockchain technology in the Fintech industry.

Overbit Chieh Liu

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Seychellen, Mahé, Victoria, Albert Street Ecke Independence Avenue, Kreuzung mit Uhrenturm



If you are interested in working with a highly-skilled and international team then you are in the right place. We are at the forefront of a rapidly growing industry with exciting career progression opportunities. We are building an industry-leading trading experience. Be part of our journey.

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